​Ollie is our young up and coming stud.  He is a yellow English/American Labrador Retriever.  He has champion hunting titles in his lineage!   He is affectionate, smart, and loves water!  His dad produced amazing pups that were proven to be excellent hunting, service, and family dogs.

Check out our handsome and proven purebred, AKC registered male Labrador Retriever studs!  All of our males are health checked and proven to produce healthy, robust puppies that meet the breed standard for temperament and conformation!

​​Desert Mountain


Our Males


Max is our 6 year old chocolate English/American Labrador Retriever and weighs about 80 pounds.  He is a great, friendly, playful, and smart boy.  He has produced big blocky head smart pups that have proven to be awesome hunting and family dogs.


Harley is our 7 year old  chocolate English Labrador Retriever that throws a very dominant chocolate gene.  He is roughly 105 pounds and has thick, dark chocolate fur, a stocky build and blocky head.  ​Harley is playful, smart and obedient- a truly awesome lab!  He has produced some amazing smart pups that have proven to be excellent service, hunting, and family dogs.